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  • Hands free.
    Do your housework, entertain your other child(ren), shop, socialize, etc.

  • Our sling is adjustable to grow with baby.
    Also, people of different sizes can use the same ring sling, unlike a pouch sling, which is fit to each individual's t-shirt size.

  • More comfortable than carrying your child in an awkward car seat.
    Baby feels more emotionally secure in the sling thus less crying. They also learn more by participating in your world.

  • Baby is held in a natural position as opposed to Baby Björn and other backpack carriers, which put baby away from your body and puts all of the pressure between their legs.

  • You become more aware of baby's cues and vice versa.
    They learn to regulate their breathing by being in full contact with your body.

  • Convenient and discreet breastfeeding with baby already in position and the tail of fabric to use as a cover-up.

  • Newborns adapt more quickly by being close to your body's rhythms.
    Your breathing, heartbeat and voice are all factors. Slings help premature babies develop in this way.

  • It can be hard to find the energy to interact constantly with your child.
    The sling provides instant stimulation, contact, and a place to snuggle in to be rocked to sleep by your motion.

  • Slings promote physical development.
    They increase flexibility and hip development because of the holding positions.

  • Compact.
    Fabric slings fold up easily to fit into a purse or diaper bag.

  • my little earthsling uses minimal packaging to keep the earth cleaner for your little earthling.

  • my little earthsling uses rings made specifically for baby slings. Unlike other ring slings they have no welded spot. They are safer and more attractive.

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