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Your child's safety depends on you, the wearer.

Please read the following instructions carefully and be sure that you understand them before carrying a child in your sling.

Getting Started

Inspecting your sling:

Before each use, closely examine your sling for any rips or very worn spots in the fabric. Also check the rings to be sure they are securely sewn in each time.

Threading your sling:

  1. Hold the rings in your hand with the "finished" side of the pleats up.

  2. Pull the end of the fabric up through both rings. Do not let the fabric twist. Leave a big enough loop in the fabric to fit over your head and shoulder.

  3. Separate the rings and pull the fabric down through the bottom ring. Spread the fabric out over the rings so that it overlaps itself as little as possible, as this makes it easier to adjust ... it also looks nicer. The fabric should be tight through both rings.
Threading 1Threading 1Threading 1

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