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Watching my sister struggle to carry her baby in awkward car seats and bulky backpack carriers inspired me to search for an alternative. I wanted something comfortable that was easy for her to put on and take off. It needed to be adjustable so that her much taller husband could use it as well.
A sling seemed to be the best option.

I felt that other products interfered with the natural bond and benefits created by physical contact. There were other slings around but it was hard to find any local to our area.

I made the first ring sling for my sister, who never saw herself as a 'sling person'. My sister, her husband, and their baby all loved it - and still do. They are able to give her lots of attention while having their hands free to go about their daily lives.

These days people are looking for all things natural. One of the most basic and important human needs is physical contact. I hope you'll let my little earthsling take care of that need for you.

Thank you,
Jennifer Zwicker - Owner


"I got my sling today, absolutely beautiful, and Olivia loves it. We just came back from Chapters and Olivia just watched everyone. When she got tired, we turned her around and she fell asleep right away!

Olivia is 2 months old and we have tried 3 different slings up to this point, all with the same results, one unhappy baby. But this was instant. She was looking around and all cuddled in and happy! We got so many compliments about the material, it is absolutely beautiful. So it is I that should be thanking you for making Olivia and myself smile!

Thanks again,"

handmade in Canada

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